Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Good Life

We all know that to live a good life, one must not steal, rape, murder, molest, abuse, etc.

But that's not enough.

Living a good life also means helping the less fortunate.

In 2015, it's just impossible to claim ignorance. We know far too much about far too many who are far less fortunate than us.

And that's why you should support me in my quest to raise a total of $10,000 in the Calgary Run for Water. On June 13, at the age of 45 and with wide-open aortic regurgitation*, I will attempt to run 10 km, and raise $1,000 for each. The proceeds go towards helping the people of Dorze Bele in Ethiopia obtain access to a real game changer: clean water. Imagine if 1 in 5 of our children failed to reach the age of 12 because of water-borne disease. That's the state of affairs in Dorze Bele, and we can change it.

I already donated $1,000 when I registered. Join me in trying to live a better life. Click here and give generously. Help me to raise the remaining $9,000.

Two years ago, with your help, I raised over $7,000 in this event. I know we can all do better this year.

We can live better lives by helping others to live better lives.

*My cardiologist has given me the green light to do this. Aerobic exercise seems safe in my condition, maybe even beneficial.


  1. Well done Yorgo and I couldn't agree more. Good luck! Anita

  2. Have a good run Yorgo! Mike

  3. Thanks, Mike! And thanks for your support of this cause...