Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Problem with the Gospel Miracle Accounts

In 4 minutes, Sam Harris explains the problem I have with the Gospel accounts of Jesus' miracles, including the resurrection:

What is Sam reminding us of? The Gospel claims are extraordinary, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But as far as the Gospels go, the quality of the evidence is poor.

1. The Gospels were written decades after the alleged events.

2. They were not written by eye-witnesses

3. Even if all of the above were true, belief in the Gospel miracles would still be unjustified, which is precisely what believers conclude regarding the miracle claims of other faith traditions. Atheists like me merely reject all of these miracle claims for the same, consistent, reason: none of them are supported by the required, extraordinary, evidence.

These beliefs are irrational.

Not only that, given the very low likelihood prior to considering the poor evidence provided by the Gospel accounts, they're almost certainly false.

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